In attention to this privacy notice, you agree that the processing of your data is regulated by the following:

  1. The following information will be collected from the holders a) Name; b) Email; c) Address; and d) Telephone number.
  2. Purpose of the data processing: Original purposes: a) Be able to identify you and b) Contact you to discuss any issue related to the service or event, or to offer you employment and c) eventually contact you to promote our professional or academic services. In case you do not wish to receive information that promotes our services, invitations to academic events or job offers, please send us an email to
  3. If there is data transfer: your personal data will not be shared or disclosed to third parties (There will be no data transfer) but they can be sent to order or delegation to carry out any of the purposes indicated in the previous point.
  4. In the event that there is any change to this privacy notice, we will communicate it as follows: a) Sending an email to the account that you have indicated in this document and / or publishing a visible note in our privacy notice space. We will not be responsible if you do not receive the notice of change in the privacy notice, if there has been a problem with your email account or data transmission on the internet. or if the information has been fraudulently extracted from our server. For your safety, always check the content of this privacy notice.

These privacy notice have been prepared in the Spanish language. In case of translation to another language, the stipulations in Spanish will prevail.