A virtual space where everyone is a key player in their own learning

A virtual space where everyone is a key player in their own learning

TBox Planet is an online educational platform that enables teachers and students to create and access content, as well as tools related to the classes.

Through their username and password, members are granted access to this platform, a safe environment, free from inappropriate material.

TBox Planet promotes distance learning and enhances teacher-student interaction.

With TBox Planet, parents and guardians are given their own account, where they can access school assignments, school schedules, teacher information, school reports, and others.

TBox Planet offers a range of tools to help users:

  • pl1
  • pl2
    Public and private files
  • pl3
    Image Gallery
  • pl4
    School Calendar
  • pl5
    Homework administrator
  • pl6
    Audio and video
  • pl7
    Blog creator
  • pl8
    Wikis creator
  • pl9
    Online Newsletters
  • pl10
    Online library: Recommended webistes

Available modules through our TBox App:

  • pl1
  • pl9
  • app2
  • pl2
  • pl4
    Follow up meetings*
  • app4
    Student planner
  • b4
  • QH1

*Available only to institutions that have TBox School

Webex Integrations

TBox Planet is integrated with Webex to teach virtual classes.

Below, we outline the integration process between those two platforms: