Código TBox: 5 educational principles in action

Código TBox: 5 educational principles in action

On June 12, we officially launched the fourth edition of Código TBox, which concluded with the main event on Saturday, September 28. This educational programming and robotics experience brought together about 400 students from 32 schools.

During the event, we saw how the students used the STEAM approach to propose technical aids that solve accessibility problems: from animations designed with Scratch and applications for mobile devices, to the programming of drones responsible for verifying the facilities of an accessible park. This variety of projects is a sample of the learning that students build through the educational proposal of TBox.

The five educational principles that guide our work in all allied institutions and guide us permanently in our activities. Let’s see what they are and how they were concretized in this initiative:

  1. Learning by doing: to participate in Código TBox, students had to propose and carry out an innovative project. They were the protagonists when developing an animation, creating a video game, programming an application or designing a robotic model, in addition to producing a demonstration video and decorating their stand to present their project.
  2. Making learning fun: emotion is an essential element of a good educational experience and completing a challenging project is a great opportunity to work collaboratively, have fun and overcome the obstacles that arise.
  3. Encouraging meaningful learning: At TBox, we take advantage of our initiatives to integrate issues relevant to the educational community and its environment. This edition allowed students to propose their own solutions to support accessibility.
  4. Offering a safe and supportive environment: the accompaniment of schools, teachers and families was fundamental at all stages of Código TBox. Fair competition and the application of digital citizenship were promoted.
  5. Evaluating authentically: all projects and tests are evaluated by independent judges, experts in different areas of technology and education. The evaluation is based on the regulations and criteria of each category, which are known by all participating teams.

We are very happy with all the achievements made in Código TBox. In initiatives like this, we observe all the talent and motivation that our children and teenagers have to become responsible leaders in this digital world. We will continue working to open more innovation spaces that are consistent with the educational principles we share with our entire community.

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Código TBox: 5 educational principles in action


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