Mano sosteniendo un iphone mostrando la nueva app de TBox como una de las apps educativas lider en el mercado.

Discover the new TBox App!

An all-in-one tool that allows families to stay informed and connected with academic progress and school activities in real-time.

New TBox App Launch!

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TBox App: Principal Services


Receive institutional newsletters through the app.

School Calendar

View activities from one central location.

Grades and attendance

Review and edit grades and class attendance.

Technology lessons

View technology lessons from your mobile device.

News Wall

View the updates.


Find the most relevant news from your school.

School Assignments

Check the details of your assignments.

School Assignments

Check the details of your assignments.

App Keypoints

Registered Users

Students, teachers, and parents who have an active TBox account.

Content generation

TBox App serves as the platform. Content is generated by each educational institution.


Combination of accounts within a single installation. You can manage multiple accounts from the same device.


TBox App is available for smartphones running Android, iOS, and Huawei OS.


“The TBox App is designed to facilitate communication and streamline the reception of information. Parents tell us that whether they’re at work or traveling, they can stay informed about everything teachers send them. The advantage is that it’s very user-friendly and makes great use of its functionalities.”

Prof. Tatiana Campos

Centro Educativo Bilingüe Sonny – Costa Rica

Frequently Asked Questions

The TBox app is available for all TBox users, including teachers, students, and parents. You need an active TBox account to use the app and access all its benefits.

No, the TBox App is completely free of charge.

Yes, all TBox materials will be available for viewing through the application.

No, the TBox App is exclusively for use on smartphones.

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